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Second training [Jul. 24th, 2005|01:40 pm]
Xanida's home world
Ashby carries out his buisness for the rest of the day, but his mind never strays too far from Beltian. True, it's not up to him how his slaves are treated once they are sold and have masters, but he worries about the boy. He knows that master's taste.

Even though he protects his slaves with a clause in the sales contract that any abuse or torture will result in the negation of the sale at the buyers expense, even normal rough play can be hard on one so sensitive as this boy.

He actually wanted to hug and be held... remarkable. He feels a pang in his chest remembering the look in the boy's eyes, wanting affection. He hopes he can train that out of the boy. He doubts the master will allow it.

He sighs... Why couldn't someone tender who wanted a slave to paper be signed for him? He is surprised at how much of a comfort that would be.

He doesn't like the way this line of thought is taking him.

"No" he thinks. "Better train him and sell him quickly. There's no point in getting attatched."

At the end of his work he knocks on the door to Beltian's room.

"I will be training you this time, as I am finished with my customors first.

Is there anything you require? I trust your meals were brought to you."
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